Furry Friends At Heart

It all starts with a pawshake. At Barking Company, we believe that the day a dog tippy taps his way into your home, heart and family, your world changes for the better.

Accessories Perfectly Matching Your Dog

Each dog has a different personality, and you should try and find the accessories that fits his personality. Finding your dog’s favorite accessory may take a while. However, if your pooch has several to choose from, it will be easier to learn their interests.


Why Choose Us?

Toys At Their Best

Many pet owners wonder if there a ‘best’ dog toy: a single, universal toy that will make their dog happy, as well as challenge him and help develop his skills. There is no best dog toy. Each dog prefers different toys. Some dogs like lots of games and exercises, so toys that require running, chasing, or tugging are the best toys for them.